unusual and electric – pulsating ting ep

The fourth limited edition vinyl release in our Unusual & Electric musical collaboration.



A1. Aggravator


A2. Splinter In Your Mind


B1. Black Bomber


B2. Venturi Reprise


Over the course of three EPs U&E have established their own unique brand of aural insanity and magic which really does push out the sonic boat while grabbing every musical  udder in sight on the way. This time they start with skanking ska mutant ‘Aggravator’ before taking the reggae beat into space with the lovely cello-stroked ‘Splinter In Your Mind’. There’s still a ghost of ska in the house-pulsing ‘Black Bomber’ while the dark dub of ‘Venturi Reprise’ rides a familiar rocking break previously used by Primal Scream on ‘Kowalski’. Another mashed delight from one of our most audaciously-creative operations. They usually stick me in their press releases so I should add that they also boast ten foot bollocks.

Kris Needs 5/5 dancing men


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