unusual and electric – disco for love ep

Fifth outing in our musical Unusual & Electric collaboration.

Kris Needs says it best on DMC World:

The world always becomes a brighter place when this bunch of seasoned head-cases drop their strides and uncork their sonic snake. Their fifth outing is the expected strange brew which still sounds like nobody else, a triple-headed technicolour monster gesticulating wildly from Godzilla’s back passage. ‘DMT 505’ harks back to early 90s warpo-dub with dense vocal loops topped with haunting vocal line underpinned with giraffe-buttock panoramas and one of those classic Orbital/Spooky uplifto-riffs. ‘Initiator’ cooks up a vamping soul strut in a steaming vat of dubaphonic heaven while ‘Sonar Daddy’ ventures further into juddering dub territory with electro-boogie y-fronts. Out on their own.





A1. DMT 505


A2. Sonar Daddy


B1. Initiator


B2. Go Dark On Me Now


And Since you’ve all been so good, here’s two bonus radio edits that you can download for free. Don’t say we never do anything for you.

DMT 505 (Radio Edit)


Initiator (Radio Edit)


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