waterstones bookshop photogram signage

Many moons ago when I was just a whippersnapper (I believe it was the early 1990s) I somehow contrived to be asked to design a series of signage for Waterstones book store (there was drink involved is all I remember). In those days these sorts of things used to tend to be boring black and white photocopies as it was prohibitively expensive to produce anything in colour, particularly in small runs. No one ever really noticed these things. But all was not lost. As luck would have it, I knew that Ilford made a range of what was actually black and white photographic paper but with a red paper base (I’m still unclear why). So I used this to make photograms in the dark room and stuck on relevant bits of collage to create these signs, then simply went round and stuck the originals up in the shops. Now everyone would be able to find their Mills and Boon or Monty Python annuals. Success.

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