big issue charming baker special art edition

The old team of iyrie! and Charming Baker were back in full effect for the redesign of The Big Issue Special Art Edition with Charming as guest editor. Artists were asked to contibute a piece on the theme of Tipping Point and write a few words. Big Issue founder Sir John Bird said he wanted to get back to the old days of throwing everything at the magazine, and insisted the approach should be “Suicidal”. Anything less and he wouldn’t be happy. Well, we certainly threw a few magazine design conventions out the window and happily the issue was the best selling guest-edited issue ever. Figures are yet to come in, but we hope we sold out. Jealous gallery hosted a great evening at their Curtain Road Gallery. The exhibition runs until 16th April. 

You can read about it on The Big Issue site here


Jealous did a fantastic job of the show at their Curtain Road space.

 With Dario from Jealous, Sir John Bird and Charming Baker.


There was loads of PR and Charming was on the telly quite a few times.

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