unusual and electric – under the skin EP

This is the third EP in our musical collaboration with good old  Mark from Rude Audio.

Usual drill – 12” limited edition vinyl, now available on iTunes for those digitally minded. Just search for Unusual and Electric.




A1. Binaural Head


A2. Reduce The Bass


B1. Mad Dogs


B2. Deep Pitch


Last year’s ‘Deep Fried Muffalata’ was great and I’m quoted raving about its berserk eclecticism in the blurb. Esast London duo Mark and Adam’s third EP present two further indefinable gems. ‘Mad Dogs’ upends a ska-fuelled groove-trolley in a supermarket littered with bells, whistles, masturbating goats and Skatalites brass with a taste of Booker T’s ‘Time Is Tight’. Odd, sleazy, mad and irresistable. ‘Deep Pitch’ is another kettle, recalling nothing so much as the Orb circa ‘Towers Of Dub’ with its tinkling riffs and floatation layers. My only complaint is that it should’ve been 20 minutes longer. These should do an album. (5 out of 5 dancing men)


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