unusual and electric – the KPM sessions

When we were approached by legendary music library KPM to do a series of remixes for them, we nearly snatched their hand off. We reckon they have some of the greatest dusty nuggets around, and this record was a real joy to make. Sunshine fun.


A1. Soulskimmer


A2. That’s Nice


B1. Take A Break


B2. Move Move Move


You never know what to expect from this bunch and here they are again with another joyful dollop of sonic mischief which this time is fixated with Alan Moorehouse’s 1970 soul-strutting classic ‘Soul Skimmer’, which they remix as an early 90s-style funky piano vamp shot with the necessary unhinged whoopee. Moorehouse figures again with ‘That’s Nice’, continuing the funk-vamp style with a touch of the Stax house band on mushrooms. ‘That’s Nice’ injects a funky soundtrack feel while ‘Move, Move, Move’ ventures further into their unique cosmos, with boomy beats, dub tweaking and lowdown lavatorial bass. sleek and ready to raise any dance floor.


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