the eighth wonder of the world

I am sure anyone who has been to the Grand Canyon will agree that it is undeniably a truly amazing and awe inspiring experience. Admittedly, to all intents and purposes it is basically just a big hole in the ground, but it is a very impressive big hole in the ground. Having gone up in a helicopter at the crack of dawn to fly over its vast beauty (whilst the pilot rather surreally played a bit of Christina Aguilera over the headphones) we were already back on terra firma before 8.30 in the morning all suitably aghast and agog and well the impressed. However, the whole helicopter thing being such a big deal and all, we hadn’t really planned anything for the rest of the day. We’d seen an awful lot of monumental nature stuff in the last few days (this part of America being very good at that sort of thing) and unfortunately Canyon fatigue was beginning to show. We did feel a tiny bit guilty as we decided we had seen enough of one of the greatest sights on the planet and pointed the car away from the Grand Canyon, but this was soon to vanish into thin air as not too far along the highway along the highway a tumbledown sign appeared, proclaiming; “Yabadabadoo Means Welcome” (which, by the way, it doesn’t). Here was something truly unique – I think the only thing we could ever have come across that day that would have put the Grand Canyon in the shade  – an ancient Flintstones theme park of such faded glory and brilliantness that it tops our list by a mile of Best Things To Do On The West Coast Of America. We had the place completely to ourselves and it was fabulous.

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