on the road

So they’ve gone and made a film of the seminal Jack Kerouac novel On The Road. It’s always been claimed that this book was impossible to make into a film – and they have proven that to be true. It’s terrible. Personally I never saw what all the fuss was about with the book in the first place. On The Road is a bit too self aware and trying too hard  to be cool to ever be entertaining. That wouldn’t matter so much if it were just a bit pretentious, but it’s actually also really quite boring. However, the notion of the big American roadtrip is something I think that appeals to nearly all of us – winding along the West Coast in the sun, staying in little Motels that look like they come from movies where you park in front of your room and eating chili dogs in random roadside diners – it’s the easiest way to feel like you are buying into a piece of the American Dream. So we started out down in Orange County, drove up to LA, wound our way along the coast to San Fran via the Big Sur, headed inland to Yosemite, down through Death Valley, into Vegas for a jolly good wash, then across Zion and Bryce Canyon, round the old Grand Canyon, bit of Route 66 and then the Hoover Dam for the big finish. Highly recommended.

Orange County


Nocturnal snacks at Muscle Beach


The red carpet gets the red carpet treatment at Universal Studios


Bohemian Santa Barbara


White Feather’s crazy hippy-mobile


The Madonna Inn


The Big Sur


Ventana Wilderness of the Los Padres


Carmel – Clint Eastwood country


Ashbury Heights




Paddling in the Yosemite


The Half Dome


Actually, there are geology exhibits just about everywhere here


Lake Crowley


Route 395


West Bishop




Giggle Springs


Entering Death Valley


Death Valley


Death Valley


Badwater Basin


The World’s Tallest Ice Cream Stand


Las Vegas


Las Vegas


Las Vegas


Las Vegas


Las Vegas


Zion National Park


Cedar City


Route 89


Bryce Canyon


Lake Powell


The Assembly Of God, Page


And His gym, next door, also at Page


Bedrock City


Grand Canyon






Seligman, Route 66


Pearce Ferry


Hoover Dam


Hoover Dam


Phone home…


Then it’s time for bed

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