now is not the time to get experimental show at flaxon ptootch


Now Is Not The Time To Get Experimental was the latest iyrie! art show at the ever fabulous Flaxon Ptootch. We featured many new letterpress and screenprint artworks in very limited editions, as well as unique collage and found object artworks. Also for the early birds there were iyrie! treats – bags, mugs mousemats (no less) and a pair of mix CDs. If that wasn’t enough, it was also the launch of the latest Unusual & Electric 12 inch. Here’s some shots of the show – we will be posting the artwork in a separate post for anyone interested in purchasing.

Dinky Demotivators

Top – Opening sign for the show. Bottom – My Barclaycards, 1989-1995

Seven Inches of Pleasure series – letterpress blocks from vintage 45 record labels

£50 note signed “All the best, George Best”

The Eyes Really Follow You Round The Room

Please Clean Up After Your Dog #1, Mexico City 

Please Clean Up After Your Dog #2, Mexico City

The new Unusual & Electric wax

Table of Treats

Perfect for work – the This Is Where The Tragic Happens mug

Packaging for mugs.

CDs – remember them? They’ll be back like vinyl, I tell you!

In response to the recent 5p levy on plastic bags

One of the most inconvenient things at these events is not having enough change. So we thought of a clever bit of performance art to get round the problem. Anyone wanting change got it in play money. Hilarious – and it even worked quite a few times.





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