good santa

Ah, way back when early on in the millennium we produced this rather fun Christmas mailer. Consisting of a festive mix of treats, first of all there were two mix cds (assisted by the always reliable Mr Logan Fisher on the ones and twos) – Good Santa (proper Christmas party dancing stuff and posted below by popular request) and Bad Santa. Unfortunately this seems to have been lost down the back of the sofa somewhere, but maybe it’s for the best. Vague memories of endless refrains of Ba-da, Ba-da Ba-da-da-da from the Flying Pickets and Cliff Richards Mistletoe and Wine being recut so the lyrics scanned “Christians on the fi-re” were some of the more highlights of a mix that could only be described as “weird”. There was also a lovely spruce green t-shirt with two Santas locked in combat, and the label had a young woman being sick in the street on it. Lastly, no Christmas stocking would be complete without the obligatory 20p piece, some nuts and a fun-sized Mars bar. The satsuma failed the vacuum test and was left out at the last minute.






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