I liked Gladiators. I mean, really liked Gladiators. First of all there was American Gladiators, which was on about three in the morning after The Hitman And Her and we would wobble in from The End or somewhere equally confusing and there would be this incredible show about human strength and tenacity that was enough to reduce you to a gibbering wreck with its heroes and villains, overwhelming pathos and a sense of theatre borrowed in no small part from the equally mesmerising but less philosophical WWF wrestling. The UK show was predictably a bit less hardcore and less serious – in fact it was basically crap – but nonetheless so much more entertaining for all that. Who can forget referee counting down in his Mr Mackay Scottish accent “Three… TOO… One”, John Fashanu’s “Awooga!” or last but by no means least, Jet’s special move?

So moved was I by the whole cultural event, I ended up writing my thesis on it in my final year at Saint Martins. Here’s a couple of drawings I did in the early 90s.




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