disco versus credit crunch october • on the hurry up

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Back in 2008 we had what at the time seemed like the impending end of the world upon us. The collapse of the banks, the ensuing financial crisis and stock market collapse, followed by the MPs expenses scandal, tumbling house prices and the introduction of austerity guaranteed that there was no good news. The politicians foundered like fish out of water, the media rubbed their hands with glee and
all in all the outlook was bleak. In an attempt to provide some optimism we created a CD per month and accompanying paraphernalia as an antidote to the dystopia. Surely things couldn’t get any worse, could they?

Disco Versus The Credit Crunch? Bend with the wind.
To paraphrase the French, as we lurch from crisis to catastrophe we might as well enjoy a glass of champagne. Send off your gold family heirlooms to postalgold.com, wait for the cheque to clear and then knock it back. Musically this month we are left in the hands of some good old-fashioned house music found in the back of the cupboard, mixed straight up in a late 90s style. Not for the faint hearted, but jelly all round!

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