closed down petrol stations on the a1

This project has been on-going for some fifteen or more years. During that time – for reasons I won’t go into here – I had recourse to drive up and down the A1 on many occasions. It’s a pretty tedious drive, and even more so when you are familiar with it. Too many roundabouts and a lot of stop start. So I started to play a little game – spot the petrol station that had closed down. You can plot the economic climate by how many are shut. Some of them find new temporary uses – the hand car wash is a favourite, as is the random market and more recently there’s been a few motor homes sales places, which generally last about 6 months. Some lie crumbling for years and you can see how much they have deteriorated each time you drive past, some of them find a new lease of life as a bona fide petrol station under new management. It wasn’t long before I started photographing them, and here’s some of the results of this project which still continues.

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