charming baker show


For quite some time now, iyrie! has been in a musical conversation with Charming, sending tunes to keep him company while he’s painting and asking him what he’s been listening to lately. The answers have always been quite interesting, and over the years it has been, to say the least, and eclectic wave of sounds that has been sallied back and forth. But Charming has an ear for the quirky and the unfashionable, so that’s ok. So when we started talking about what were the latest sounds on rotation whilst painting for the Everything Must Go show (the old favourites that never seem to wear thin, no matter how many times you’ve heard them, or the new ones, which maybe you haven’t had chance to wear out yet), it was inevitable that the topic of some sort of mix of those records would come up to celebrate the event. So here it is, the product of those exchanges, available for a limited time only for those of you who didn’t make the show and pick up a copy of the now much in demand CD. We hope you like.

Please go to for more about Charming Baker. The brilliant guys at Jealous ( have his beautiful prints for sale as well.

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