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elliot cooper’s work here is done

 Cover design and illustration for the much lauded (and funny) Elliot Cooper’s Work Here Is Done by the equally hilarious Nick Dutton. Original poster / cover Online cover. click here to download the book.

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a selection of drawings and collages


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I liked Gladiators. I mean, really liked Gladiators. First of all there was American Gladiators, which was on about three in the morning after The Hitman And Her and we would wobble in from The End or somewhere equally confusing and there would be this incredible show about human strength and ...

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doctor doctor!

Two drawings found in the back of a drawer from circa 1991.

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drawing exhibition posters

These posters were produced for an exhibition celebrating the joy of drawing. Originally made on a small scale, they were then blown up to double A0 size using an old fashioned dye-line machine which used to be how they made architects blueprints. A happy side effect of this process is ...

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