adam went to new york and all i got was this lousy cd

Ah, a favourite project from 2008. Much has been said about the vinyl revival since then, but it is noticeable that the stores detailed here are now gone too. Bleeker Bob’s is a yoghurt shop. Mondo Kim’s had a very strange end (read it here) and Bleeker Street records moved, was never the same again, then closed. Boo. The original site is yes, you guessed it, a Starbucks. The ultimate indignity. The truth is it’s next to impossible to make enough money from these kind of shops to survive when rents are so high. In fact most of the vinyl being turned out is actually represses of Dark Side Of The Moon and Fleetwood Mac – Rumours that people buy in Urban Outfitters then put in their living room so they look cool but never actually play. So whilst it’s true that vinyl sales are the highest they have been for 25 years, it’s nostalgia that is the common factor in the top sellers for 2016. Blackstar was number one, of course, and the list of further artists no longer with us is long – Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley, Nirvana, Prince, The Beatles and lots more classic Bowie… in fact the only other album released in 2016 in the top ten was Radiohead. In the US, the trend is repeated, although 21 Pilots beat Bowie to top spot, but at around 50,000 copies sold in reality this is a long way from the heyday of vinyl. For those of us still making records on a small scale this has meant a couple of things; prices have gone right up, and the big labels take up the limited  capacity of the pressing plants making expensive 180 gram reissues to sell in Walmart or Tesco or Sainsbury’s, so it takes a long time to make your limited press 12 inch now. Trying to get anything pressed any time leading up to Record Store Day (don’t get me started on that subject) is almost impossible with months and months as the lead time. Warm Tone have built the first new vinyl press in 30 years, so perhaps that can help. It all looks very clean and hi-tech, and call me old fashioned I like my vinyl made old school style, but maybe beggars can’t be choosers.

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